Youth Programs

Taught in age appropriate classes, we teach valuable self-defense techniques in a fun and non-competitive environment. Self-defense, conflict resolution, anti-bullying techniques, stranger awareness and self-confidence are emphasized. Small and personalized classes help students integrate seamlessly into our new learning environment. Students learn to work well with other children, problem solve, listen and speak with respect. Focus and concentration skills are developed and improved upon. As children learn these important skills, it enhances other areas of their lives. Many of our students demonstrate improvement at school, and less social problems with friends, classmates and family members.

Little Samurai: Ages 5 to 7

In this class, we teach your child the fundamentals self-defense and martial arts. They'll gain a positive attitude toward exercise and explore fun, fitness and martial arts activities. It emphasizes tumbling, balance, speed, timing, and footwork drills rather than punches and kicks. Children in this program also have an opportunity to learn life, safety and socialization skills as they interact and have fun with peers.

Nihon Goshin Aikido: Ages 8 to 12

In this class students will be taught blocks, strikes and effective self-defense techniques. Students will be drilled on how to resolve, handle and stop conflict. Additionally, students begin to understand self-control, courtesy and discipline during this stage of training. In addition to the physical techniques, the student's behavior, attitude, listening skills, and focus will be a factor in testing and promotion to the next levels.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu: Ages 8 to 12 

In this class we will teach your child how to defend themselves when and if they are pushed or knocked down to the ground. This class is not for sport or competition. We focus on teaching students how to control, defend and escape from a ground-fighting situation.

BULLY-SAFE (All Youth Programs)

Many parents and youth who attend our academies report bullying in schools, neighborhoods and ball fields. What is more disturbing, is the percentage of youth who never report a bullying incident to a parent or other trusted adult. Our BULLYSAFE program will provide you and your family with the tools to handle this unfortunate problem. We have four points of focus in this program:

1. Build Confidence: Having self-confidence is sometimes enough to stop a potential bully. If you learn to hold your head high and make eye contact, a bully may be less likely to see you as an easy target.

2. Improve Awareness: Establishing physical boundaries is an excellent method of staying out of a bad situation. Paying attention to your surroundings is a large percentage of preventing a potential attack.

3. Positive Channeling of Energy: As parents, we know how challenging it can be to find a positive, safe and professional activity in which to channel the energy of our youth. Our BULLYSAFE course combines attention activities, self-defense drills and physical exercise programs offering a great outlet for kids from all walks of life.

4. Prepare: As a last resort, you may find it necessary to use physical techniques to protect yourself. If a person invades your personal space, blocks your path to safety, or physically attacks, you may have to act.

Along with our self-defense programs, we take pride in the personal development of our students. Throughout our lessons, we instill life skills such as Responsibility, Pride, Respect, Physical Wellness, Courtesy and Fair Play.