Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Aikido Academy of Self-Defense Featured on WLTX NEWS 19

Our school was recently featured on WLTX News 19. We taught a corporate self-defense course at Verizon Wireless, and the news media covered our class. Below is a copy of the article. Tom Tuckey and Maxine Henry taught the class and did a great job. Thanks.

Moms, Wives, Sisters Learn to Fight Back

(Columbia) - The Verizon Wireless Call Center behind the Richland Mall partnered with The Aikido Academy to host a Self-defense class for everyone; but especially women. More than techniqes, women learned a mindset. "I can strike back and I will strike back; that's as much as what we try to emphasize in these classes," says Assistant Teacher Thomas Tuckey. For Evelyn Anderson it's about training her mind before an attacker strikes. "Last year there were a lot of incidents where people were coming into homes in my neighborhood," adds Anderson. But she doesn't just have herself to think of. "In the morning when my daughter and I were leaving I was terrified; If that happened to me what would I do and this came along and I said it was a good opportunity," adds Anderson. Evelyn isn't alone in the opportunity to fight back. Other moms, wives and younger sisters are learning too. Aikido Instructor Thomas Tuckey says the first line of defense is probably the last thing that comes mind: relaxing. "The natural reaction is to tense up, you become very easy to be picked up and thrown around," adds Tuckey. Kind of like picking up a young child while they're asleep, Tuckey says it's a whole lot harder when limbs are loose. The other quick trick are three strikes: palm-heel, elbow or knee strike."On one hand you can train for years on the other you can do some basic self - defense moves that can get you out of a very dangerous situation," Tuckey says. Tuckey says it's not about fighting but defending. "You want to defend yourself and leave; disengage."