Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Advanced Aikido Technique

This is a great video of advanced level execution of Aikido techniques. Before becoming famous for his movies, Steven Seagal was a highly respected and legitimate Aikido practitioner. As seen in this video, Aikido is an extremely effective martial art when learned, taught and applied in a realistic, practical manner. New students are not expected to perform at this level for some time.

At our academy we begin teaching the new student our Nihon Goshin Aikido Fundamentals Course. It is a basic self-defense course where we teach defenses against attacks such as arm grabs, chokes, pushes, punches and bear-hugs. We also teach the new students basic strikes such as a palm-heel, hammer-fist, elbows, and front kicks. We then slowly integrate the student into the more advanced application and execution of Aikido techniques. Enjoy the video!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Black-Belt Ceremony

We had a wonderful Black-Belt ceremony on Thursday, September 4th. There were 24 people in attendance to participate in this unique occasion. Sensei Carter spoke for about 15 minutes on the significance of this rank, what it means to be a black-belt, the importance of honor, and how to give back to the art that has given so much. Shortly after that, Dave Johnson was presented with his certificates and belt. It was a great opportunity for all in attendance to see first hand why we work so hard and require so much of ourselves at our academy. Traditionally, after the belt presentation, the new black-belt showcases their skills and abilities in a free-style self-defense attack line. Lastly, as a display of honor and humility, all the senior black belts in attendance step aside and invite our new black belt to formally fall out the class in the traditional Japanese fashion. It was a wonderful night.